Theodore A. Henning II is a Fort Worth based singer/songwriter. His music combines folk, country, blues and bluegrass styles. Be it a cutting-edge harmony audiences readily enjoy or his solo presentation, Theodore's positive message music has something for everyone. When with a band Theodore switches between 6 & 12 string guitar, fiddle and dobro or banjo. The music is completely original: he writes the music and lyrics to every song he sings. He has produced an album featuring eight (8) original songs about the Texas State Flower, the Bluebonnet. Theodore is available for home concerts, festivals, weddings, etc. Theodore was Director of Apostlecredo outreach and is presently uploading YouTube videos of performers who showcased at Apostle Credo Coffeehouse during it's 11 year operation. Check out the videos at YouTube channel "apostlecredo".

Theodore's album, Train Is A Comin' received favorable revues since release. His single, Bluebonnets, done in the traditional Texas 'swing-style', is gaining in popularity throughout the state. Now that song can be heard on Theodore's compilation CD release titled Texas Roadside Blues, a unique collection of bluebonnet songs.

After the tragic re-entry demise of the STS 107 Columbia Space Shuttle and crew, Theodore wrote the memorial song, Seven Angels and Columbia. This song is available on CD. For more about Theodore's music follow the below links.

Theodore's music is now available on, and is downloadable in mp3 format as well as regular CD/CD-R. You can also get his music via numberous 3rd party sites including, iTunes, etc.

Theodore's 2011 release FOLKIN ALONG THE HIGHWAY: A Few Holes In My Shoes is his folk song album featuring Seven Angels and Columbia, his tribute song, For The Memories of You and ten other newly recorded songs including Wyoming Sky, Lazy Tubin Brazos River Blues and others. Be sure to check it out below or

Theodore also writes music in Bahasa Indonesia, the National language of Indonesia. You can download to listen to the below songs. Selamat datang kepada situs ini. Silakan men-download musik mp3 ini agar supaya mendengarnya. Semoga anda akan menikmati lagu-lagu itu. Bilamana anda dengarnya kemudian kirimkanlah suatu email agar supaya sampaikan perasaan menganainya. Terims aja.




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